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Wedding Budget Breakdown

Whether you possess $100,000, $5000 or $1000 as a budget for your wedding, with zealous budgeting, careful organization and some money-saving techniques, you can always have the wedding of your dreams. From the dress and the flowers to the band and the venue, here’s how you can use a Wedding Budget Breakdown for having a wedding that you had always wanted.

Who is Paying?

This requires having a very clear discussion with all the members of your family. You must know who is paying for what. There are strategies that you can use in determining the initial budget for the wedding.

You must ask the groom’s and the bride’s families to settle on a particular dollar amount and then add all the contributions for creating a budget. Another option is asking the parents to cover the expenses of a particular part of the wedding like the catering, honeymoon or the ceremony.


Cost Considerations

You must have a big wedding budget in hand if you are looking forward to having a formal candlelight dinner in a luxurious ballroom in a wonderful hotel. However, a minuscule budget will do if you have planned an afternoon dessert and tea party in your backyard. What actually you need to set aside as the budget for your wedding will completely depend on your plans for the wedding.

The Size of the Guest List

There are per head costs for liquor and food. Both liquor and food are the biggest expenses during a wedding. Therefore, changing the size of the guest list is one of the best methods of increasing or decreasing the wedding costs. Apart from this, you can also save on the other details like stationery, rentals, favors and décor because you might not require much of all these things.

Wedding Setting

Some towns and cities tend to be more expensive in comparison to others. For example, planning a wedding in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York would be more expensive than planning a wedding in a remote destination or a small town. Tourist venues can also increase the wedding budget, especially during the peak seasons.

There are some wedding venues which are absolutely free of cost like city parks where you do not need to pay a fee or rather you need to pay low fees. Apart from this, you also need to remain aware of the fact that there are some popular wedding locations that feature minimum head counts. This means that they would not host small weddings.

Time and Date

Highly sought after days and seasons of the year tend to be pricier for some obvious reasons. Planning an evening party might be more expensive in comparison to a brunch or an afternoon party. This is because the catering costs for dinner are higher and people generally drink less during the day. A daytime event would also help you in saving costs on décor, music and lighting.

Wedding Style

Formal weddings are more expensive in comparison to casual ones. This is because, for formal weddings, you need to match the musical entertainment, food and site to the upscale tone of the wedding.

What is the Amount that you Actually Require for your Wedding?

Very similar to purchasing an apartment, a shoe or a dress, financing your grand wedding requires figuring out the exact amount that you would require for spending on getting the important things.

You must set all your expectations accordingly. Here, it is important for you to note that a 150 person wedding event would incur the average cost of around $25000 and this might be higher for urban areas. The basic Wedding Budget Breakdown is as follows:

♥ Reception- 48% to 50%

♥ Attire- 8% to 10%

♥ Ceremony- 2% to 3%

♥ Flowers- 8% to 10%

♥ Music and Entertainment- 8% to 10%

♥ Videography and Photography- 10% to 12%

♥ Wedding Rings- 2% to 3%

♥ Stationery- 2% to 3%

♥ Transportation and Parking- 2% to 3%

♥ Wedding Favors- 2% to 3%

♥ Miscellaneous- 8%

It is also important for you to keep aside around 5% of your wedding budget as emergency fund for avoiding any kind of stress. In case you are paying for your honeymoon, the honeymoon costs should also be included in the budget breakdown.

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