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10 Fun Ideas for Engagement Parties

engagement ring parties

An engagement party is a great way to celebrate a couple’s love and to announce their decision to tie the knot. This kind of party is always fun, enjoyable, and not that stressful in terms of planning when compared to the wedding itself.

With various activities, games, and ideas, it is so easy to have a memorable engagement party without having to spend much money or time planning the whole event.

Here are some great ideas to use for the 10 most important aspects of your engagement celebration.

  1. Location– Hold the engagement party in a not-so-typical place. Instead of having the party at home or in some reception venue, you can have more fun if you hold it in other locations such as a sports park, at the beach, in a country club, in an amusement center, in a picnic ground, or even in a movie theater! These venues may be less formal but they can definitely be more fun.
  2. Theme– Having a theme can surely add to the fun factor of the whole celebration. This is because if you have a theme, not only would planning become much easier, you can also ask guests to wear something that complements the theme. Instead of having a typical engagement party, you can have one with a ball and chain theme, beach party theme, renaissance party, Romeo and Juliet theme, and so on.
  3. Decoration– Typical decorations such as balloons and flowers can make the event beautiful but to add some thrill and excitement, make use of humorous as well as nostalgic decorative pieces such as ball-and-chain gag items, comical bride and groom figures, memorabilia from the couple’s relationship (photos, movie tickets, scrapbooks, love letters), or decoration that keep up with the theme.
  4. Games– An engagement party will not be complete without fun and games. Some ideas you can use for your party are the engaged couple trivia (asking couple questions about each other to see how well they know each other), karaoke singing contest, and the three-legged race (perfect for outdoor engagement parties).
  5. Host– The host of the engagement party is one of the factors that can determine the event’s success. The smart move would be to have someone who knows the couple very well so that the gathering will be more personal and intimate. If the bride or the groom has the knack for being the life of the party, it may even be more fun if she or he hosts the celebration.
  6. Food and Drinks– Having a buffet-style is usually a great way to promote a laid-back and casual atmosphere. Food and drinks should be complementary to the theme of the event. For example, serve tropical fruit cocktails for a Hawaiian themed engagement party).
  7. Invitations– Do not simply give out a typical paper invite! Give a more interesting invitation like a message in a bottle, a banana leaf invitation, or an invitation wrapped around a votive candle. These invitations can double as souvenirs or favors.
  8. Activities– Do not forget to plan the activities for the event. Some of the important activities in an engagement party include the official announcement of the couple’s engagement, taking of engagement photos, engagement party games, displaying of the engagement ring, toasts, congratulatory speeches, and announcement of wedding details.
  9. Photographs– There is no need to hire for a professional photographer for this party. Instead, what you should do is to ask guests to bring their digital cameras and take snapshots of candid moments all night long. Do not forget to give your email address by the end of the party so they can send in the pictures right away.
  10. Entertainment– A nice sound system may be enough to keep the guests entertained but if you want them to have more fun, a band, a DJ or a string quartet can also provide pleasant and entertaining music.

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