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Unique Ceremony Ideas | Open your Mind to Impossible Venues

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Unique ceremony ideas are no longer unique are they? Surely they’ve all been done? The first place everyone thinks of for an alternative ceremony venue is surely outside, in the woods or on the beach but in the UK at least, you can only get married at a place where a wedding licence exists.

I believe it’s still the case that you can’t get a wedding licence for a non-permanent structure? That’s why all UK outdoor ceremonies are next to a pagoda, bandstand or gazebo! The same does not apply to a marriage blessing, which can de done any old where you like, as long as you fill in the paperwork at an officially licensed venue afterwards, to make it legal

This of course opens a lot more doors to the possibility of getting married somewhere unusual. What do you like as a couple? Perhaps you both like stars (how about an observatory?) or maybe getting married in the garden of one of your parents’ houses, which holds special memories for you both, would mean to the world to you?

If you’re going down the route of unique ceremony ideas, make sure you get permission from the landowners if it’s private property and don’t forget that you’ll need to tie up the legalities at some point…

Unique Ceremony Ideas for your Blessing Location

  1. On a deserted Cornish moor
  2. Up a mountain in the Peak District
  3. In the middle of Trafalgar Square
  4. On your village green
  5. Underneath the Humber Bridge
  6. Surrounded by animals
  7. On a train or ferry

If you’re planning a blessing somewhere exotic, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your very own unique ceremony ideas.

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