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Honeymoon Upgrade and How to Get Yours for Free

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The free honeymoon upgrade is such a desired  item that many people go to great lengths to get one and in a lot of cases they achieve it. It’s competitive though, with just about every couple trying their luck (even couples who aren’t actually on honeymoon!) and only so many upgrades available. Using this fab honeymoon resource,  I’ve come with a definitive guide to upping your game…

The Art of Achieving the Free Honeymoon Upgrade

1) Make sure you’re dressed to impress. There’s no way you’ll get an upgrade if you’re looking a bit scruffy.

2) Think about the timing of your honeymoon. If you can travel outside of peak season and preferably on a Saturday, you stand a much better chance of sucess

3) Holiday accommodation that is newly opened will be looking to get good reviews from their customers. They need to establish their reputation. For that reason, they’re a good bet for a honeymoon upgrade.

4) The is most important thing to remember: Ask! Ask for your upgrade. Most upgrades are awarded because the customer asked for them.

5) Throughout the whole booking process, from your travel agent, to your flight provider, and your accomodation – make sure everyone is aware of the fact that you’re on honeymoon. Upgrades are given to honeymooning couples, because they’ll be asked about their trip more often than other holidaying couples and they want them to say nice things!

6) When you’re talking to the right people –  the airline check-in attendant and the hotel staff, name drop if you know the right people and don’t be afraid to talk up other hotels you’ve staying. You want these people to know that you spread the word about those who provided a good service

I hope this has been helpful. If you secure a free honeymoon upgrade we’d love to hear from you. You can find lots more wedding planning advice here and if you’d like to get on our mailing list and grab some wedding freebies, here’s how to do it.

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